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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


Your patients depend on you as their healthcare provider. Your IT shouldn't get in the way. Uptime can help improve your practice with personalized technology services.


New technologies have begun to obscure the place where the traditional brick and mortar storefront ends and the dynamic online storefront begins, changing the industry substantially. If your company is searching for an IT provider that can help you develop both ends of your organization’s retail, Uptime is your answer.

Law Enforcement

Michigan CJIS guidelines are very strict, let Uptime make sure you stay compliant. Other IT firms aren't familiar with what is required for CJIS compliance, putting your department at risk.


Your practice has a lot of moving parts, let us reduce your workload and set your office up with the right tools to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Uptime is experienced with the tools used by local government and we are well equipped to make sure your departments can run as efficiently as possible.

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